The Planning Committee has completed the memory album which contains descriptions of the activities and numerous photographs taken during the Reunion. Copies of the album have been mailed to all attendees. If you have not received your copy please let us know. We also sent copies to special people who helped us with the reunion and sent copies to the library and history office at each NASA Center.

We will continue to improve this website and will maintain it by the LAA. We plan to add a copy of the album in Adobe PDF so people can download it to their computer. We will add photographs, comments from the attendees, and other information about the reunion. We also plan to add a video of NASA Administrator’s wonderful presentation for our opening ceremony in the H.J.E. Reid Center at NASA Langley Research Center. Please check the website from time to time and we are always open to suggestions.

We expect that NASA reunions will emerge in the near future and we believe that NACA alumni may want to be involved. If you have any specific suggestions on how we might help the NASA reunion organizers please let us know.

We are also developing the concept for a long term NACA Legacy scholarship, which would provide a continuing way for NACA alumni to reach out and support young NASA engineers in the future. We will provide you with details of the proposal that emerge and we welcome your ideas at any time.