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Welcome LAA members & new retirees (Video)

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

The 2021 NASA Langley CFC Chair, Pete Polen, would like to encourage LAA members to participate in this year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

To make a tax deductible contribution at any level to a charity or charities of your choice, go to the following link: The regional CFC website link: is also provided for your use. Additional campaign information can be found at:

Please see the CFC letter from Pete Polen for further information on this year’s campaign and how you can contribute. 


Need Judges for the 41st Annual Newport News Science Fair

Newport News Public Schools is seeking judges for the 41st Annual City Science, Engineering, and Technology Fair will be held January, 29th at Woodside High School. This will (hopefully!) be an in-person fair and not virtual. To register, please complete the online Google Form:

Please see the letter of invitation for details on this year’s 41st Annual Newport News Science Fair.

November 9, 2021 LAA Seminar

Sonic Booms and Community Testing:
NASA’s Role in Enabling Commercial Supersonic Overland Flight

Alexandra Loubeau

Co-Technical Lead of Community Testing
in NASA’s Commercial Supersonic Technology project

Continued interest in flying faster than the speed of sound has led researchers to develop tools and technologies for new generations of supersonic aircraft. One important aspect of these designs is that the sonic boom noise will be significantly reduced as compared to that of previous planes, such as the Concorde. Currently, U.S. and international regulations prohibit civil supersonic flight over land due to people’s annoyance with the impulsive sound of sonic booms. In order for regulators to consider lifting the ban and introducing a new rule for supersonic flight, surveys of the public’s reactions to the new sonic boom noise are required. To conduct these community overflight studies, NASA is building the X-59 QueSST, a quiet sonic boom demonstration research aircraft.

This presentation will discuss NASA’s role in sonic boom research and its plans for providing data to international regulators.

Alexandra Loubeau is a Research Aerospace Engineer at NASA Langley Research Center. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Acoustics from Penn State and has been researching sonic boom acoustics since then. As a team co-lead for sonic boom community testing research at NASA, she is involved in the planning, execution, and analysis of experimental, modeling, and psychoacoustics research. Alexandra enjoys playing the violin, swimming, origami, and learning languages.

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Aug 10: Mariner’s Museumsummary

Sept 14: Zoom Meeting: Damodar+Manjula, Olaf

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Oct 12, LAA meets in NASA cafeteria’s NACA Room + Zoom as more remote members join. Members are emailed Zoom links to Meetings & Events.

We welcome New Members here & when we meet & honor+keep recently-passed Retirees in our memories.

NASA Badges

To attend on-site LAA meetings, get a 1-day visitor badge at Langley B&P Office with 2 forms of gov’t ID or 6-mo badge (3 weeks before expires, email [email protected] to renew 6-mo badge). Call B&P, 757-864-2790 1 week after renewal began so it’s ready to pick-up.

Covid Note: LaRC’s Badge & Pass Office stopped issuing badges to LAA members & closed the NACA Room. LAA will email members when both are available.

Dues: $10 (Life is $100) payable LAA @Jan Meeting, mail to Geoff or LFCUQuick Transfer (more).

 Ongoing Activities

The LAA works closely with the NASA Langley Research Center. Our LaRC liaison is Melanie Robinson: 757-864-2660. [email protected].

The Langley Research Center NACA and NASA Hall of Honor (HoH) is an key partnership between the LAA and LaRC to honor pioneers & contributors to LaRC over the years. The permanent Honoree display at LaRC for Classes 2015 & 2017 can be viewed in the NACA Room of the NASA Cafeteria,where the LAA meets. You’ll find more info on our 2015 & 2017 classes at the NASA LaRC Hall of Honor website

The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame seeks Nominees here.

The LAA  ad hoc committee entitled Langley Retiree Knowledge Capture (LRKC) has been active since early 2019 to harness the vast reservoir of past experience & expertise of former employees accessible to Langley, NASA Centers & outside organizations. The sub-committee explores and has initiated several activities. Members Marilyn Ogburn, Dan Palumbo & Wayne Richie report findings & progress to the Board. LAA members are encouraged to contact any sub-committee member with ideas or suggestions. Primary point of contact is Marilyn Ogburn [email protected].

Colloquium+Sigma Lectures – NASA Langley’s monthly lectures are available to LAA members on Webex: 2PM-LaRC Reid Center Colloquium, 7:30pm-VASC Sigma.

See NASA Langley Events,  Public Cultural ResourcesHealth Benefits.

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