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Welcome LAA members + new retirees (Video)

– we honor recently-passed Retirees 

Dec 13 Holiday Luncheon Signup

Chamberlin @11:30

LAA Board Members needed

July 14 Langley 2022 HoH Class inducted – video

      Dec 14 Luncheon Pix: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Members emailed meeting link (NASA Badges)

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 Ongoing Activities

LAA works closely with NASA LaRC liaison Melanie Robinson: 757-864-2660.

Hall of Honor 2022 & 2017-19 Classes

Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame seeks Nominees here.

NASA Colloquium+Sigma Monthly Lecture Webex

NASA LaRC Events,  Public Cultural ResourcesHealth Benefits.

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