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Oct 12, 2021 LAA Seminar 

Realizing the Promise of Carbon Nanotubes as Structural Materials 

Emilie J. Siochi

Advanced Materials & Processing Branch
NASA Langley Research Center


Initial assessment of the nanoscale properties of carbon nanotubes generated global excitement at the potential for this material to be a disruptive technology.   In particular, the mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes suggested that this material could produce superstrong, lightweight structures and revolutionize aerospace vehicle designs.  Now, a little over twenty years since the novelty of carbon nanotubes was first realized, we find ourselves at a tipping point in its development for structural applications. Carbon nanotubes are now available in quantities that allow us to evaluate their utility.  This talk will present a perspective on the evolution of structural carbon nanotubes and NASA’s role in advancing the maturation of this material for aerospace applications.


Mia Siochi is a research materials engineer in the Advanced Materials & Processing Branch.  Her work has been in emerging materials development including computationally-guided materials development: structural nanomaterials, bioinspired materials, self-healing materials, antifouling engineered surfaces (i.e. bug repellant coatings, energy harvesting, additive manufacturing and extreme temperature materials).  For 20 years she’s led Langley’s structural nanomaterials development. She’s a proponent of use-inspired research and currently leads multidisciplinary teams developing structural carbon nanotube composites and nanomaterials based multifunctional components, rapid curing resins for the next generation of aircraft and sensor technologies to enable safety in UAM vehicles.


B.S., Chemistry, Ateneo de Manila University                M.S., Chemistry, Virginia Tech

Ph.D., Materials Engineering Science, Virginia Tech     M.A. Theology, St. Leo University

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