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2024 Events

July 9: LAA Picnic @NASA Cafeteria

Front (L to R): Susan McClain, Lil Richwine, Mary DiJoseph, Charlie Cockrell, Dick Hueschen, Ray Rhew, Olaf Storaasli, Wayne Richie, Damodar Ambur, Dan Palumbo

Row 2 Manjula Ambur, Geoff Tennille, Marty Tennille, Barbara Cockrell, Margaret Morris, Susan Rhew, Dawn Palumbo, Barbara Storaasli, Rick Ross, Julius B Lovell, Charlie Dunton, Kathy Ferrare

Row 3 Tony Pototzky, Dave Richwine, Olivia Ferrare, Wes Goodman, Marilyn Ogburn, Joann Goodman, Todd Hodges, Ray Whipple, Doug Morris, Roger Ferguson, Jalaiah Unnam, ????, Robert Gates, Alan Stockwell, Ajay Kumar, Melvin Ferebee, JF Barthelemy, Frank Novak, Charles Niles, Tony Busquets, Rich Ferrare

Help who is ????, all others correct? 

  Aug 13 11:30 Cloud RN: Your Health & Bales: Gardening 

Sep 10 – Astronaut Charlie Camarda Podcasts

Dec 11 Holiday Luncheon 

Mariner’s Museum

Dec 14 Luncheon Pix: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

 Ongoing Activities

New NASA LaRC-LAA liaison to be announced April 9

Hall of Honor 2022 induction video 2022 & 2017-19 Classes

Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame seeks Nominees here.

NASA Colloquium+Sigma Monthly Webex Lectures

NASA LaRC Events,  Public Cultural ResourcesHealth Benefits.

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