NASA Badges & Liaison

NASA Badges

On Jan 18, 2024, all LAA members were sent our new updated Membership & Badge Policy & details on it’s implementation. An updated Membership form now includes badge information.

To attend LAA on-site meetings, retirees need a 1-day or 6–month badge per LAA Badge Policy.

For a 1-day Visitor’s Badge for an LAA event, send your request to Dave Hinton ( at least 1 week prior to the.  Copy Melanie Robinson at (  For Center visits for non-LAA purposes, ask a NASA host to sponsor a Visitor Badge.

For a 6-month Activity Badge for LAA activities at LaRC, read/agree to our LAA Badge Policy on your LAA application.

Official NASA Langley Research Center Liaison is via the Langley Office of Strategic Analysis. A NASA Liaison from the Director’s Office attends LAA General & Board Meetings to foster a close coordination between NASA, NASA retirees & LAA members..

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Updated by Olaf 13 Mar 2024