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Breakin attempts to our Website continue. So far Wordfence stopped all.

Summary of breakin attempts blocked by Wordfence April 3-10, 2023:

Websites R Fun!

Olaf Storaasli, March ’22 Newsletter

Website management’s fun! You can “learn the ropes” & help our LAA site or start your own Website for < $50/yr. Rick & I can help.

HDL’s WordPress (free) uses simple menu options to create great web sites plus C-Panel gives full HTML (language of the web) capability.

2 criteria lead to website success: Content & access speed. The GTMetrix tool measures both. Frequent updates draw interest as do “snappy” pages. Images are preferred to text but they must be compressed to speed access. tinyjpg (free) reduces the 2 next LAA images by 2/3.

LAA, NASA & LaRC website Performance Analysis A, B & E! Try it 2x.

Filmstrip shows 1.4s LAA “paint time” & 99% Performance thanks to our compressed images, clean structure & Menu use to split our content over 13 pages.

Our LAA WebSite’s updated (date below) & backed up every few days & we welcome member ideas: add Math Challenges á la Researcher, member polls,… 24 states (click +) & 12 countries visit us.


FLAG COUNTER on our LAA Main Web Page(bottom) monitors LAA web use. Members can see Country & State of LAA Web Visitors: Click See more/Details/+. My wife & I both entered but just 1 was counted? Also many in the same room? Why? Just unique IP addresses counted? Will a WIFI computer & Cellular phone add 2? Try it! You clever NASA Researchers may discover more. Share your findings with me & LAA Newsletter? Also test Events Page, my WebSite & below counters or add to your website. Enjoy!

Behind the Scenes

Update for December 2021 Newsletter

Ranks above NASA & LaRC Websites Oct28 & Nov 5

Want a Website? LAA can help!

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