Pay Dues

Welcome and thanks for your support of the Langley Alumni Association (LAA). LAA develops, maintains, and enhances the relationship among former LaRC employees and fosters relations between LaRC and LAA members to support special events & activities of mutual interest.

LAA supports these activities via member dues. Such LAA expenses include our Website, Hall of Honor plaques, and refreshments at the Hall of Honor induction ceremony. In 2021, LAA covered the Mariners’ Museum tour cost and the annual holiday luncheon clubhouse rental.

We have 2 membership types: Annual & Lifetime. Annual member dues are $10/year. You may also pay annual dues for multiple years. Lifetime membership is $100. All dues are payable in January. Dues are waived for new members the year they join LAA. If you join as an Annual member and decide before Dec 31st of that year to upgrade to life membership, you pay the difference between what you paid in annual membership(s) and $100.

Pay by check. You can still pay your dues & fees for any LAA event (i.e. holiday luncheon or picnic), by check. Just make your check payable to Langley Alumni Association or LAA, write purpose of payment (i.e., dues or picnic for 2) on check & mail to Ray Rhew, 4017 Martin’s Point Road, Kitty Hawk NC 27949.

Pay by member-to-member transfer. LAA members with Langley Federal Credit Union (LFCU) accounts can transfer funds directly to LAA’s checking account w/o LAA Treasurer’s approval. Click for guide. 

2-factor Authentication. To increase security of your online banking, LFCU now offers members use of 2-factor authentication. Click 2-factor authentication to see how to set it up. Altho 2-factor authentication is not required for member-to-member transfers, it’s highly recommended.

Thanks again for supporting the LAA!

Updated by Olaf 2 July 2023