This Website section includes info about New LAA members.  At each LAA meeting our LAA Membership Chair reads aloud the names & introduces new members who have recently joined the LAA.


Sept 2022

Kenneth Winter retired in 2013 from the Office of the Chief Financial Officer with 18 years of NASA service.  He resides in Williamsburg with his wife Cheryl.

Pamela Livingstone Rinsland retired from the Atmospheric Science Data Center of the Science Directorate with 38 years of service.  She resides in Hampton, VA.

Linda McCullers Woodman retired in 2021from the Office of the Chief Information Officer with 29 years of service.  She resides in Seaford with her husband Kenneth.

April 2022

Craig Ohlhorst retired in 2021 from the Advanced Materials & Processing Branch with 48 years of NASA service with expertise in high temperature composite materials.  He resides in Newport News with his wife Mary.

March 2022

Lynn Daniel Curtis joined in March 2022.  Lynn retired in August of last year from the Center Operations Directorate with 34 years of service to NASA.  For a majority of his career, he was a mechanical technician supporting flow physics, aerothermodynamics, acoustics, and hypersonic propulsion research.  Lynn resides in Hampton with his wife Cathy.

William “Bill” Lynn retired in 2012 from Operations and Engineering of the Research Support Directorate with 29 years of NASA service with expertise in aircraft guidance, navigation, and control.  Bill resides in Yorktown with his wife Margaret Anne.

Feb 2022

Richard Foss retired last year from the Systems Engineering Directorate with 45 years of service, joined Jan 2022.  He contributed to the NASA Technical Standards Program & worked in spaceflight hardware thermal design, analysis, & testing.  His expertise is in systems engineering.  Richard resides in Smithfield, VA.

Dr. Bruce Holmes retired Director of the Advanced Planning Office with 33 years of service joined yesterday.  Bruce did research in subsonic, supersonic & hypersonic aerodynamics.  He had large contributions to the Advanced General Aviation Transportation Experiments (AGATE) Program & the Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) Project.  He also served in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).  He resides in Williamsburg with his spouse Connie. 

Jan 2022

Thom Pinelli retired from the Office of Education in December 2021 with 39 1/2 years of service.  He resides in Yorktown, VA.

Laura Brewer retired in December 2021 from The System Analysis and Concepts Directorate with 27 years of service.  She resides in Hayes, VA with her spouse Mike.

Dr. Jalaiah Unnam retired from AS&M, Inc. in January 2022 with 46 years of contractual service to LaRC.  He is president of AS&M and resides with his wife Vijaya in Kiln Creek.

Wes Goodman retired from the Flow Physics & Control Branch at LaRC as Facility Manager High Speed Low Disturbance Facilities in Jan 2022 with 43 years of service.  He resides with his wife Joann in Hampton, VA.

Ray Rhew retired from the Aeronautics Systems Engineering Branch, Engineering Directorate last year with 34 years of service. Ray resides with his wife Susan in Kitty Hawk, NC.

David Throckmorton who previously was a LAA member in 2017 re-joined as a life-paid member.  He previously worked at LaRC for several years, but retired from Stennis Space Center with 42 years of service to NASA.  He resides with his wife Pamela in Yorktown, VA.

Sep 2021

Wesley L Goodman will retire from the Flow Physics & Control Branch in Jan 2022.  His area of expertise is wind tunnels.  He resides with his wife Joann in Hampton.

July 2021

Ann Rockey, spouse of Bert Rockey.

Donna Speller Turner retired from LaRC in 2021 after 42 years of service.  She retired from the Human Resources Office.  She was an Organizational Development Specialist.  In 1979 she began work in the Space Systems Division, then worked in the Analysis & Computation Division, then to Budget Analyst, next to Office of the Chief Information Officer, the Navigation Center, then HRO.  She resides in VA Beach with her spouse Walter “Rob”.

Gretchen Lingenfelser retired from LaRC in 2020 with 50 years of service.  She retired from the Science System and Applications, Inc.  She worked on the Viking Project and was also involved with Atmospheric science research that included LIMS, EOS, UARS/HALOE, ASHOE/MAESA, POLARIS, SAVER, and CALIPSO.  She resides in Williamsburg with her spouse Woody Lovelace.

Anthony (Tony) Busquets retired from LaRC July 3, 2021 with 42 years of service.  He retired from the Crew Systems and Aviation Operations Branch within the Research Directorate.  He worked on the Airspace Operations and Safety Program, the Small Aircraft Transportation Systems (SATS) Project, Air Traffic Management-eXplo NAS Project, Advanced Air Mobility Program.  He has expertise in Aircraft Crew Systems, avionics, and flight systems.  He resides in Norfolk, VA.

June 2021

Dr. John Shoosmith began working at NASA in 1959 and retired in 1995 for a total of 36 years of service.  He made contributions to the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs.  He worked in the Analysis and Computation Division doing numerical analysis.  He resides with his wife Margaret in Redmond, WA.

Lona M Howser retired from LaRC in 1995 with 35 years of service.  She worked in the Computer Applications Branch of the Analysis and Computation Division.  Lona did user consultation for debugging FORTRAN programs on supercomputers.  She resides in Hampton, VA.

Jules (Jay) Lambiotte retired from LaRC  in 2000 with 36 years of service.  Jay retired from the Information Systems and Services Division.  He did user consultation for debugging FORTRAN programs on supercomputers and algorithms to exploit vector and parallel computations.  Jay resides with his wife Nora in Newport News, VA

Kathy Ferrare retired May 1, 2021 with 38 years of service.  Kathy retired from the Office of Chief Financial Officer where she worked for approximately 6 years.  She was involved in the SAGE III, CALIPSO, Orion, and ARES projects. Kathy resides with her husband Rich in Yorktown, VA.

May 2021

Leonard Credeur retired in 1998.  Leonard did research for many years on methods to increase the landing rates of commercial transport aircraft at commercial airports using multi-aircraft air traffic control simulations.  Leonard resides with his wife Karen in the Kingsmill section of Yorktown.

David Hinton is retiring this month with 44 years of service to LaRC.  Dave will retire from OSACB/ARD (Office of Strategic Analysis, Communication, & Business Development/Aeronautics Research Directorate).  Dave’s career was in aeronautics as a researcher and then in management of aeronautics research. Dave resides with his wife Patricia in York Country.

April 2021

Dr. Richard (Rich) Antcliff retired in February with 39 years of service to NASA.  Rich began his career at LaRC as a research physicist developing laser spectroscopic measurement techniques.  He served in a variety of roles during his tenure at NASA including the Head of the Measurement Science and Technology Branch, Head of the Fundamental Concepts and Methods Office, and Acting Director of the Aerospace Vehicle Systems Technology Office.  He eventually became Chief Strategist for Langley before moving to NASA HQ to become the Special Assistant to the NASA Associate Administrator for Space Technology.  He and his wife, Joanne, live in Smithfield, Virginia.

Feb 2021

Stanley Ray Cole who retired Jan 2nd this year and resides with his wife Barbara in Smithfield.  Stanley retired from the Research Directorate with 41 ¾ years of service.  His areas of expertise are research leadership, aeroelasticity, and NATO/NASA collaborations.

Jan 2021

Richard “Rick” W. Ross retired December 31, 2020 from the Research Directorate (RD) with 23 years of service to NASA/LaRC.  He was COR (Contracting Officer’s Representative) for RD contracts, structural health monitoring for Aviation Safety Program (IVHM [Integrated Vehicle Health Management], VSST[Vehicle Systems Safety Technologies]), and data acquisition for wind tunnels


Dece 2020, Year Retired, Resides

Rosa Webster, 2006, Chesapeake, VA

Nov 2020

Dr. Olaf O. Storaasli, 2005, Oak Ridge, TN

Oct 2020

Jame (Jim) M. Russell II, 1995, Grafton, VA

Steve Resnick, 2019, Smithfield, VA

July 2020

Stephen Scotti, 2019, Yorktown, VA

May 2020

Vicki K. Crisp, 2017, Mt. Holly, NC

April 2020

Otis S. Childress, Jr, 1992, Williamsburg, VA

Mar 2020

Rosemary Froehlich 2014 Norfolk, VA

William M. Berrios 2019 Yorktown, VA

Doree G Fitzhugh 2020 Hampton, VA

Feb 2020

Curtis “Randy” Regan Suffolk, VA

Brent Weathered 2019 Poquoson, VA

Raleigh Brad Perry, Jr. 2013 Irvington, VA

Jan 2020

Johnny W. Allred 2000 Burlington, NC

David Bowles 2019 Suffolk VA

John Wayne Cox 2006 Hampon, VA

Regina D Johns 2017 Hampton, VA

Mitchel E. Thomas 2004 Williamsburg, VA

Hartsell Frank Williams 1998 Hampton, VA

Charles Zeitman 2019 Suffolk, VA


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