NASA Retiree Orgs

mailUPDATE – 4/19/2020 – Other NASA Centers have Retiree/Alumni organizations with goals & intentions similar to the LAA (see below). If you would like to know more about the other Center retiree organizations or you have information about them please contact Wayne Ritchie at

LaRC/ Dan Polumbo Langley Alumni Assoc/LAA
Olaf Storaasli
HQ/None/ NASA HQ Alumni Group NONE
Lucy Baker
JSC/Estella Gillette/ NASA Alumni League/JSC Chapter
Herb Baker
KSC/Roselle Hanson/ NASA Alumni League/KSC Chapter
Al Koller
GSFC/Tony Comberiate/ GSFC Retirees & Alumni Association
Jan Kalshoven
MSFC/Rick Chappell/ NASA/MSFC Retirees Association
Gray Settle
ARC/None/ Informal:  OWL Feather Society NONE
Charles Smith

Updated by Olaf 12/4/2022