Join LAA

Who? NACA, NASA Langley Research Center or U. S. Army civil service & contract employees who retired or left employment at LaRC in good standing may join LAA. Retirees of NASA HQ & Sister Centers may join & participate in LAA meetings remotely via free Teams per LAA Bylaws

Why join LAA?  Talk to new NASA Retirees – video 

How? => Fill/Save Form & email to, Membership Chair &

To receive a 6-month Activity Badge for LAA activities at LaRC, read/agree to our LAA Badge Policy on your application.

Once processed, you’ll be invited by email to all LAA events & Great Monthly talks.

Dues, free the year you join & due each January thereafter. (E.G: Join Jan 2024 => CY 2025 dues due Jan 2025.) Dues are currently $10/year or $100 for lifetime membership. See Payment instructions.

Members & spouses are requested to complete Consent & Release of Rights Form to grant LAA use of images, videos, audio & other recordings in website, newsletter, presentations & other LAA promotions.

Rick updated 1/19/24