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    Hi all. We need to decide how we’ll manage these forums. First decision is if the forums are publicly viewable. There are pros and cons. Maybe some forums should be private, e.g., LAA Board Executive Committee and others public, e.g., LAA General Membership forum. The LRKC forum is currently set to be publicly viewable, I’m not sure what the Website forum visibility is. This property is controlled in the side bar visible when you edit the forum’s page.

    Next, the forums should be restricted to allow only registered users to post new topics. This is the default. I suggest we keep it this way. That means we need a means to register users. This can be done ‘automatically’ or ‘manually’. In auto mode users can self register. I recommend against this as then anyone could register. To set manual registration you set Dashboard>Settings>General>Membership ‘Anyone can register’ to unchecked and Dashboard>Settings>Forums>Roles ‘Automatically give registered users “Participant” forum role’ to checked. This is the default. Note: The Forums Settings page suggests that this setting be ‘unchecked’ to manually ASSIGN user access. This is significant only when auto registration is used and default user role is ‘Subscriber’. You would then need to change role manually to ‘Participant’.

    In either auto or manual mode we’d need a registration page. If we use manual mode, we’d use the registration page to enter user info which we can get from membership database. There’s a [bbp-register] shortcode that provide a canned registration form.

    All of this is described in a Step-by-Step guide located at

    bbPress.org codex

    All forum users are registered as site users. This means any registered user can view and comment on any forum. Not sure of the ramifications of this.

    Enough for now,


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