About HOH

The HOH Committee was originally constituted as an ad hoc group of volunteers from the LAA, NASA Langley Research Center, and the local contractor community who shared a common desire to honor researchers and managers who had worked for and made significant contributions to NACA and NASA at Langley Research Center. The membership of the HOH committee,  to support the selection of the HOH Class of 2017, is listed in the overview section.

We would like to recognize the outstanding efforts of the ad hoc group of volunteers who have developed the HOH so far:


  • Ira Abbott, LAA
  • Rob Calloway, LAA
  • Joe Chambers, LAA
  • Fay Collier, LaRC
  • Michelle Ferebee, LaRC
  • Bill Gilbert, LAA
  • Gail Langevin, LaRC
  • Duncan McIver, LAA
  • Dave Throckmorton, LAA
  • Bo Walkley, LAA
  • Mike Yaskowski, City of Hampton