About HOH


The Langley Alumni Association & the NASA Langley Research Center partnered to develop the Hall of Honor (HoH), to provide a way for distinguished LaRC researchers and managers to be honored for their exemplary contributions & careers at NACA, NASA and the nation at large in the pursuit of revolutionary scientific understanding and technological progress on the frontiers of aerospace sciences. The HoH also provides a focused opportunity for the local aerospace community to reflect on the contributions of these notable individuals who made enduring impacts on aerospace technologies. A Langley Research Center NACA & NASA HoH Committee receives & evaluates nominees & selects Honorees to be inducted into the Hall of Honor per these Operational Guidelines. This process is conducted by the HoH Committee per a Memorandum of Understanding by LaRC & LAA Jan 11, 2016.

We would like to recognize the outstanding efforts of the ad hoc group of volunteers who have developed the HOH in the past, and the current Hall of Honor team:

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