The Langley Alumni Association Monthly Meetings have interesting programs featuring excellent speakers: click Presenter/Subject for talks/videos. Our 2021 schedule ibegan as Zoom meetings per COVID-19 but we hope to return to NASA Cafeteria’s NACA Room soon.

2021 PROGRAMS:  

Jan 12
Executive Committee
Board Business
Feb 9
Steve Miller
Life After Langley: Mid-Career Move
Mar 9
Alisha Hamel
[email protected]
Transportation Museum
Apr 13
Dr. Mujeeb Malik
[email protected]
NASA’s CFD Vision 2030 
May 11
Dr. Dilip Sarkar
Best Health Practices, Yoga
Jun 8
Dr. Olaf Storaasli

[email protected]

Life After Langley: Supercomputing* Research
Jul 13
Geoff Tennille
[email protected]
Life After Langley: World travels
Aug 10
Mariner’s Museum
Shady Ladies
Sep 14
Getting back together again
Oct 12
Dave Reubush
[email protected]
Life After Langley: African Safaris
Nov 9
Dr. Roger Crouch
[email protected]
Microgravity Research
Dec 14
Winter Luncheon
Venue TBD



January 14Dr. Steve J. Scotti gave an excellent talk On-Orbit Repair of the Space Shuttle Leading Edge – A Case Study.

February 11Dr. Dale Arney gave a well received talk On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly & Manufacturing: Building an Immortal Spaceship.

July 14 –  Christine Darden & Duncan McIver reviewed the history and status of The Langley Research Center NACA & NASA Hall of Honor, an important partnership project between the Langley Alumni Association and NASA Langley. They described in some detail the accomplishments of the Honorees of the classes of 2015 & 2017 and the display in the NACA Room at NASA Langley. They described considerations for future classes. Darden & McIver are NASA retirees and serve on the Hall of Honors Committee.

August 11 – Ed Prior, gave an excellent review of NASA Langley’s Explorer Satellite Program – Discoveries in the 60’s and 70’s Relevant Today”. He shared discoveries & success Langley Explorer Missions. Explorer 1 (1958) detected Van Allen’s Belt and Explorer 9, 19, 24 & 39 explored atomic oxygen, helium & hydrogen layers at different altitudes over an entire 11-year solar cycle. Ed worked at NASA Langley for 40 years before retiring in 2005. He has a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from the U. of Illinois and MS in Astronomy from U. VA.

The LAA is regularly involved in valuable & exciting activities with LaRC and the community including:

  • NACA Reunions II, VI, XII
  • LaRC Open House Volunteers
  • Day & Boat Trips in Hampton Roads
  • Combined Federal Campaign
  • Galaxy of Gifts – United Way & the ARC of the Peninsula