Welcome LAA members and new retirees

Geoff Tennille’s Talk July 10th

The LAA meets via Zoom ’til COVID allows return to NASA Langley cafeteria NACA Room. Members are notified of Monthly Meetings, guest speakers + Board of Directors meetings by Email & this website.

Welcome our New Members & greet them when we meet. We honor recently-passed NASA RetireesPlease keep them in your memories & prayers.

NASA Badges

To attend LAA on-site meetings, retirees get a 1-day visitor badge at Langley Badge & Pass Office with 2 forms of gov’t ID or a six-month badge (3 weeks before badge expires, email  [email protected] with name+phone stating you need a 6-month LAA badge renewed). Call the Badge & Pass Office at 757-864-2790 a week after your notice your renewal’s in process so your new badge is ready to pick-up.

Covid Note: LaRC’s Badge & Pass Office stopped issuing badges to LAA members & closed the NACA Room. LAA will email members when both are available.


$10 dues (Lifetime Membership’s $100) are payable each January at LAA Meetings, mail to Geoff payable LAA or by LFCUQuick Transfer (more).

 Ongoing Activities

The LAA works closely with the NASA Langley Research Center. Our NASA LaRC liaison is the talented Melanie Robinson: 757-864-2660. [email protected] and Langley Research Center Liaison

The Langley Research Center NACA and NASA Hall of Honor (HoH) is an important partnership between the LAA and LaRC to honor the pioneers and contributors to LaRC over the years. The permanent display of the Honorees at LaRC for Classes 2015 and 2017 has been completed and can be viewed in the NACA Room of the NASA Langley Cafeteria,where the LAA meets. This is an exciting accomplishment of the LAA and NASA Langley Research Center partnershipand praise for the outstanding effort of the Langley Graphics team. You can find more information about the 2015 and 2017 classes at the NASA LaRC Hall of Honor website

The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame seeks Nominees. Nominate here.

The LAA  ad hoc committee entitled Langley Retiree Knowledge Capture (LRKC) has been active since early 2019.  It is well known that former employees have a vast reservoir of past experience and expertise that may need to be accessible to Langley, other NASA Centers, and even outside organizations. This sub-committee has been exploring this matter and has initiated several related activities.  Members of the sub-committee are Marilyn Ogburn, Dan Palumbo, and Wayne Richie and they have been reporting their findings and progress to the Board. All LAA members are encouraged to contact any member of this sub-committee with any ideas or suggestions. The primary point of contact is Marilyn Ogburn ([email protected]).

Colloquium and Sigma Lectures – NASA Langley’s monthly lecture series is available to LAA members on Webex. The Colloquium is presented in the LaRC Reid Center at 2pm and the same or similar Sigma Series lecture at the VASC at 7:30 pm.

For NASA Langley Research Center activities, visit NASA Langley Website.

For NASA Langley public cultural resources visit Public Cultural Resources.

Federal Employee Health Benefits health plan brochures are here.Select Page

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  1. Life After Langley-World Travels7/13 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

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